“Business is not about money. It is about making dreams come true for others and for yourself“

Derek Sivers


The work we do

We all have ideas and projects that matter. Many of them might sound like a dream. But if it matters we need to take the risk, find the right people and work hard.

In matters, we are part of projects which are especially relevant for our clients. Together, we make them better, more professional, bigger, and innovative.

We offer more than consultancy. We create value for our clients through leadership, synergies, creativity and trust.

The things that matter to us

  • Work that has a positive impact on our society and the environment.
  • The uniqueness of an idea, product or service.
  • Handicraft products or services with great cultural value.

Our ideal client

We address individuals or organizations that

  • are willing to try new approaches and get the necessary external professional support.
  • trust the experience and skills of a multicultural and multidisciplinary network of professionals.
  • are located in or want to be active in Spanish and German speaking countries.
  • irrespective of size have big dreams and ambitious growth targets.




Knowing what we want is paramount. Deciding how to get it is an art.


The world is small and interconnected. Looking for opportunities abroad is just a matter of time.


What we do is important. How we do it can make the difference between us and the rest.


A change of attitude is essential. Leading by example is a key requirement to make our world better for future generations.

Our references