The world is full of opportunities to make other people’s life better in some way, and your job as a business person is to identify things that people don’t have enough of, then find a way to provide them.”

Josh Kaufman (The personal MBA)

Developing a strategy is not possible without having defined a goal.

To decide upon one way or the other depends a lot on how the decisions are framed. Once on track, it is indispensable to be flexible and resilient to cope with difficulties.

There is always a risk and it is never easy.


If you are asking yourself

How is goal setting being currently done in my company?
How can I perform an analysis of the current business strategy?
How can I identify alternatives to improve business performance?
What role would the company culture play in the new way of action?

Then, you are dealing with strategic marketing and we can help you to implement new approaches regarding:

  • Goal setting
  • Mission and vision
  • Corporate philosophy
  • Strategic planning

On the other hand, if you are asking yourself

How do I want my business to be seen?
How can the public look at my business they way I want to be seen?
How can more people be aware of my brand?
What do I need to improve in the way my company presents itself?

Then, you are looking for answers regarding positioning, branding and corporate identity and we can help you to create value through the development of:

  • SWOT analysis
  • Marketing mix
  • Marketing plan
  • Internal marketing campaign
  • Corporate culture evaluation

What matters to us?

To consider your view and that of your people.

To implement actions that make sense for you and your clients.

“Those looking for reliability and a quick mind combined with technical understanding, and a consistent goal-oriented approach for their marketing activities are in good hands with matters and Marisol Oropeza. Her confident demeanor, excellent language skills, and experience on the international stage give you the ticket that is needed today in a multimedia and globalized world. With team spirit, creative ideas and full of energy she will lead your business ideas to success.”

Stefan Abrecht, CEO Solar Experience, Germany

Our references

Solar Heating Initiative

The Solar Heating Initiative is a group of companies and organisations that collaborate to raise awareness of solar thermal energy in Europe: voluntary, independent and by conviction. Marisol Oropeza from matters is part of this project. As member of the steering committee of the Initiative she is in charge of developing and implementing the communication campaign for the participating companies. Her skills and expertise, together with those of her matters’ network are key to create change in the solar thermal industry. »