Once we commit to action, it gets easier to see. To see how culture change works, how people listen to stories, how difficult (or easy) it is to make an impact. And then, once we can see, we open the door to real learning

Seth Godin

Cultural diversity, diversity of language, of thinking, of doing opens our horizons and make us more empathetic.

Learning to respect and value the environment, culture, traditions, and handicraft is the best example for future generations.

We participate in projects which deliver this heritage for young people.


We want to collaborate with you if:

You have an idea but need help to shape it and funds to launch it.
You have a project which is growing and need help to manage it professionally.
Your project is getting attention but you would like to increase the number of people who are aware of it.

We can help you with aspects regarding

  • Funding
  • Capacity building
  • Networking

What matters to us?

To care about your project as if it were also ours.

I call Marisol “Boss” since she was my supervisor during my post-Master degree internship in Germany. I did call her “Boss”, but she was simply a colleague, a friend, who can sit down and discuss with you today’s work and the new project we have to work on. She was open to teaching and sharing her experience, what you rarely get out of supervisors. Our colleagues, both peers and seniors/juniors would consult her on a daily basis, seeing her always as a well-prepared and resourceful colleague.

Ljupcho Mihailovski, CEE Regional Account Manager for the Investment Promotion Agency of the Republic of Macedonia

Projects we work in


Inspired by tradition, and celebrating ancient techniques, TOJ works hand-in-hand with local artisans to bring Guatemalan fashion to the world. According to elements of the ancient Mayan worldview, TOJ stands for reciprocity, donation, offering, and gratitude. It supports artisans’ communities by providing them with stable jobs that bring fixed income and will later create more job opportunities. TOJ is the result of love for fashion, love for creativity, love for artisans and their impressive abilities. We love TOJ and promote their products in Europe. www.welovetoj.com