To my family and friends. 

When I came to Germany, I started writing e-mails to my family and friends on a regular basis.

Every day was very exciting. I enjoyed discovering a brand new world. I loved feeling free and far away. And I wanted to share all those emotions with the people at home. I wrote about the things I learnt and the way I learnt them.

People used to appreciate these e-mails and that motivated me to continue writing. It was a beautiful ritual: recalling the most remarkable things, selecting a couple of pictures, trying to find the best words to transmit my emotions, and hitting send.

My family and friends used to tell me how much fun it was to read those long e-mails.

At that time, the only social media I knew was a messenger, but that was restricted to my friends who were in the younger generation. No way that my mother of father would log onto that medium.

As my commitment to work reached a level that allowed me little time to express myself, my e-mail correspondence dwindle. This workaholic phase also showed me that I value work / life balance.

That job is over, and when I decided to work independently, one of the first things I said to myself was: you need to share again because that felt good.

This is the reason why I am starting this blog. This is for sharing experiences. This is an attempt to match theory with practice; dreams with reality; excitement with failure. This is about the lessons I have learnt and about how I have improved. It might be of help for others.


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  • kui
    25. June 2018, 11:06  Reply

    It will be realy a nice work, if man can write some words of his feelings and the beautiful things he saw everday.

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