Don’t read emails twice

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My boss told me this once. He was the CEO, he got many more e-mails than I did, and still answered to every single one within one day. It was

Just imagine there is a line

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I learnt writing on blank paper. No lines, only helpless white paper. I was about 6 years old. My teacher’s name was Sonia She used to say: „it is ok

Write what is worth sharing: your stories

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To Pam and Karla… Thanks to a school teacher, who sent me my first ever postcard, I got into the beautiful habit of sending postcards. It was from London. She

Letters to your clients

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To Wendelin. The sales manager of the company I used to work for told me once: „the letters that we send to our clients should be personal and be signed

What is this for?

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To my family and friends.  When I came to Germany, I started writing e-mails to my family and friends on a regular basis. Every day was very exciting. I enjoyed